Unfortunately not. We only work together as a pair as we specifically only offer a 4 hands sensual massage. 

Men that are 18 years +, who come from all nationalities / backgrounds and may identify themselves as:

  • Gay
  • Bi-sexual
  • Discreet
  • Curious / Exploring

We only offer our 4 hands sensual massage is our signature. It is a choreographed – synchronised routine that will go for 40 or 60 minutes.

If you are a repeat client, you can expect the same consistent and quality experience the next time you visit us again.

Yes, the masseurs are nude during the massage, although clothing is optional. 

Just let us know what you feel comfortable with. 

Yes, to prevent any massage oil going onto your clothes. 

Touching the masseurs is fine, provided that it is gentle and not interfering too much with the massage taking place. 

We know this could feel a bit embarrassing, but this is a sensual experience after all, therefore getting aroused during the session is completely natural and normal. If arousal does occur, simply continue relaxing and enjoy the experience. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, just let us know and we will stop the session.

Please have a shower prior to arrival and ensure your whole body is clean. We highly advise that you wash your front and behind parts thoroughly as some of our techniques involve these areas.

To prevent any potential cuts/injuries to the masseurs during the massage, we recommend that you cut and file your finger nails & calluses so they are short, smooth and well groomed. 

In-call only. We aim to provide the best experience possible at our own private studio.


Payment is to be made before the session starts, (after we sit down and run through our introduction with you). Please don’t take out your cash and pay us in the elevator or in the lobby of our building.

We settle the payment first not because we don’t trust you won’t pay us afterwards, but more so we would rather you stay in a relaxed and calm state after your session and not have to worry if you have paid or not. Which has happened to a lot of our clients in the past. This way you’re able to have a shower and leave feeling relaxed, clean and rejuvenated.

If you paid in the past via EFTPOS or debit / credit card, the transaction name will appear on your receipt or transactions as JLZM Enterprise. EASTWOOD.

99% of our clients have also never tried a 4 hands massage before and many have never been touched by a man.

We understand that you may be quite nervous as you probably haven’t had a sensual experience with a man before and it’s not likely that you would come across a service that offers a 4 hands sensual massage, but rest assured you are in safe hands. That is why we created ZENMEN as our mission is to create a relaxing experience that is positive and memorable for men by men.

We do this by creating a welcoming, clean and safe environment the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. We are two very open minded and friendly men. We never jump straight into the session, we sit down and always do a brief run through of our programme before we start the session.

Being clear and transparent, we are not “certified” massage therapist – meaning we are not certified to perform any remedial, sports, deep tissue or any other form of massage other than a sensual massage that we have personally choreographed.

We have had a lot of hands on experience and every client that has experienced our 4 hands massage have all praised us on how relaxing it was. 

Sorry, we do not provide any rebates for private health cover.

Public Transport 
1.  Get off at Town Hall train station. 
2.  Take the Pavilion Plaza exit. 
3.  About a 7 minute walk to our place. 

Or you can also get off at Central train station, it’s the same distance. Although Central is more “flat” compared to Town Hall. 

We don’t recommend driving as we do not have on-site parking. You will have to find your own nearby parking.
The nearest 24 hour commercial car park would be Wilson Parking – Darling Square

No onsite parking available. You will have to find your own nearby parking if you are driving. 
Closest 24 hour commercial car park would be Wilson Parking – Darling Square

Google Maps Link ⬇
Wilson Parking – Darling Square  Zollner Circuit Haymarket NSW 2000

Casual Rate
1 – 2 hours = $29.00 

Night Rate 
Flat rate of $10.00 if you enter after 5:00pm and exit before 6:00am the following day. 

Yes, we are a married gay couple. We’ve been together for close to 5 years. 

We use an Australian owned massage oil called Hydro2Oil. It’s unscented (fragrance free), 100% water dispersible (easy to wash off in the shower), provides great slide for massage and ideal for all skin types.

Yes for hygiene purposes and for a pleasant experience, we will ask you to take a quick rinse before we start the session.

Yes, you sure can. We always recommend / suggest you have a shower afterwards to rinse off all the massage oil, so you leave feeling clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

Yes, it’s entirely up to you. We do have clients who choose to leave the massage oil on their skin as they feel it hydrates their skin.

Sorry, we do not offer any type of discounts. We hope our clients can see the value in our service.  

Yes, we only offer a 40min and 60min session, nothing more nothing less. 

40 minutes may seem quite short to some, although keep in mind there are 4 hands involved, which means double the pressure and double the hand to body coverage with an even consistency throughout the body.

You can make a booking through:
1. Online Booking

Or you can:

2. Text / WhatsApp
– Your first name,
– Massage Duration (40min or 60min)
– Preferred date & time of booking to +61 499 815 150.

No, we have a 100% discretion policy and will never go out of our way to reach out and contact you. These are the only times we will contact you:

1. After you’ve made your booking, a confirmation message with booking details will be sent to your mobile.
A friendly reminder message on the day of your session. (Sent before 10:00am)

If you do not want to receive any of the above text messages, please notify us beforehand.

We understand how important discretion is to our discreet clients, therefore we respect our client’s discretion and will ensure that their details will always remain 100% confidential. We do our best to build rapport with our clients, so that’s why we may ask questions, not because we are nosy, but simply to help us get to know you as an individual so we can deliver to best service possible. 

Unfortunately, we do not.
Because we only have one massage table and our 4 hands massage is only for one man at a time. We suggest you make two separate bookings per person. 

Unfortunately we won’t and will not be sending out any photos of us.
Please refer to our Gallery page on our website, or follow us on Instagram

If you are over the age of 70, unfortunately due to safety reasons, we will not be providing our service to you.

However to be reasonable, you could also be 70, and have a fit muscled healthy body of say a 40 year old, which we view as acceptable to try our service. 

We will refuse service to clients who are:

  • Rude
  • Disrespectful
  • Racist 
  • Aggressive
  • Under the age of 18
  • Over the age of 70 (for safety reasons)
  • Over 130kgs (for safety reasons)
  • Suffering from skin diseases / contagious rashes (for safety reasons)
  • Physically impaired (For safety reasons, e.g. wheel chaired, crutches, disabled)
  • a “No Show” with no prior notice of not being able to attend a confirmed booking.
  • Seeking a sexual service.
By all means we do NOT intend to discriminate or offend any persons whom may be classified in the categories above. Every business has their own policies and procedures that they stand by to prevent any potential risk or harm towards it’s day to day activities. Just like a height requirement on a roller coaster ride, the ride attendant will not allow any persons under the height requirement, not because they are being discriminative, but simply because it’s not safe to do so. 

While there are many different interpretations of what “sensual” means, we interpret sensual as senses or sensations. In reference to our choreographed-synchronised 4 hands massage, you’ll be able to feel all kinds of positive sensations that your body will love.

You may feel a variety of positive sensations during our 4 hands massage, such as light buzzing, tingling, pulsing, and blood circulation through out your body (this varies person to person). Nonetheless, our 4 hands massage has been proven to feel extremely relaxing, based on all our client’s feedback right after the session has ended.

We understand that you may be discreet, although for everyone’s safety, calling through with a private number will not be answered, period.

Based on a number of passed experiences answering private numbers, we noticed that they are callers who are not following our guidelines or are simply wasting our time by asking inappropriate questions. 

Also If you are calling through a private number, we cannot contact you back if we have missed your call (same goes with leaving us a voicemail). 

• Bookings are essential and are to be made in advance.
• We do our best to respond to your inquiry within a 1 hour window during our scheduled working hours.
• Please come showered – clean hygiene only. 
• If you are a NO SHOW (with no prior notification of not attending), re-booking will not be allowed.
• We only work together as a pair, therefore 1 on 1 massage is not available. 
• Out-Calls not available.  
• 100% discretion guaranteed.
• It is your responsibility to let the masseurs know of any allergies or injuries you have.
We reserve the right to refuse any service at any time.
• We do not have any credentials in massage therapy, therefore please do not request or expect any other type of massage such as remedial, sports, deep tissue as we are simply not qualified to do so.
• We only provide a “sensual” massage, which has been proven by our clients to be extremely relaxing and nice to the body.