What is a
4 hands massage?

Unlike traditional massage where there’s only one massage therapist targeting one area of your body at a time, At ZENMEN, we specifically specialise only in our choreographed 4 hands sensual massage to ensure your whole body (from your neck all the way down to your ankles) will be targeted at the same time as evenly as possible.

What's Included?

  • 2 Masseurs
  • Private Studio Room
  • Comfortable Massage Table
  • 100% Water Dispersible Unscented Massage Oil
  • Airconditioned Room
  • Modern Shower Facility
  • Soft clean towels
  • Phone Charging Station

Ready to make a booking?

40 Minutes

4 Hands Sensual Massage
$ 200
  • Full Body Relaxation

60 Minutes

4 Hands Sensual Massage
$ 250
  • Full Body Relaxation